23.9. Mostar – Gacko

November 14, 2009

19:42 and later – Taking pictures in and around Gacko is prohibited, because the place hosts a major power plant. It is a mining town with more sports betting places than pubs. The local regulars at the bar found my trip impressive enough to buy me lots of drinks. Food was more difficult to find.

bus stop17:39 – Bus stop

Valley of surprises15:36

more road13:33

Still the road11:30 – Still the same ‘road’

Habsburg roadNot 123: This ‘road’ looked fine on the map, but has not been in use since the Habsburgs lost their grip on the region. A local guided me through the thorns, thyme and pomegranates.


09:27 – Blagaj

Bad breakfast07:24 – A not so inspiring breakfast.


22.9. Posusje – Mostar

November 14, 2009

Mostar evening19:06


Mostar mosque15:00

Mostar bridge12:57 – Mostar’s iconic bridge. It was destroyed during the war in 1993. Rebuilding the bridge was completed in 2004.


Pass before Mostar10:54 – From here on it’s all downhill to Mostar.


Abfahrt08:51 – A late start.

21.9. Zelenkovac – Posusje (Herzegovina)

November 14, 2009

Crash20:33 – This happened a few days ago, but only now have the colours fully blossomed.



Wide valley14:24

High road12:21



20.9. Zelenkovac and surroundings

November 14, 2009



Fly agaric17:54

Snack15:41 – What I had in mind was a small snack, but who am I to complain?

Mills13:48 – Every Bosnian tourist brochure features these tiny mills. In between you missed beautiful lakeviews. Sorry.


Chess11:45 – Black (Boris) will win this game – as he always does.

Zelenkovac mill09:42 – The fairy tale mill in Zelencovac where we enjoyed last night’s drinks.

19.9. Bosanska Krupa – Zelenkovac

November 14, 2009

Absinth01:30 – Absinthe in cups.

Zelenkovac pub23:27

Wood art21:24 – The story goes, that this piece of wood has been found as you see it. Only top and bottom have been cut.

Zelenkovac18:21 – 63 minutes rather than 123. I got confused.




Wide valley11:09

Church and forest09:06

Bosanska Krupa

Not 123: This is Bosanska Krupa by day

18.9. Generalski Stol – Bosanska Krupa (Bosnia)

November 14, 2009

Tavla en cevap

20:45 – I lost from quite a few of the several hundred backgammon players in Bosanska Krupa while enjoying fantastic cevap sausages.

Chaos in the room 18:45

Entering Bosanska Krupa16:42

Main road14:39

12:36 – No picture. Border guards do not appreciate having their pictures taken.  And I had to convince these to let me cross the border where only locals are allowed to do so. 30 minutes and three languages later it was smiles and waving all around.

Slunj10:33 – Slunj

Rainy road08:30

17.9. Ljubljana – Generalski Stol (Croatia)

November 14, 2009

Empty plate20:12

Shower18:09 – And suddenly a brand new wellness hotel appears on the side of the road. The building is work in progress, but this shower is great.

House in a village


Horse and church


Tiwg and valley12:00

Wheel in the landscape09:57 – 123 minutes later all is green and some of the sky is blue.


Suburbia Ljubljana07:54 – Suburbian Lujbljana. Boring.

16.9. Ljubljana (Slovenia)

November 14, 2009

Basketball on TV21:36 – Slovenia plays Turkey during the European Basketball Championships. The game is very popular in the Balkans.

Soup preparation19:33 – My host prepares a delicious soup starting with chickpeas.

Flying easel17:30 – A flying easel is the first thing I see in Ljubljana