28.9. Sveti Stefan – Shkoder (Albania)

Cyclists in Shkoder20:39 – When we asked, what food was on offer, we were told: meat, rice, salad an cheese. We ordered the lot. I especially liked the cheese side dish.

Turtle18:36 – No picture. This turtle, most likely called Cassiopeia, must have confused my timing. I also encounterd a dead snake, a belgian and two dutch cyclists during these 123 minutes.

Tourist sign Albania16:33 – Entering Albania

Seeing Albania14:30 – No picture. At the time, I was enjoying a wonderful espresso break and my camera was somewhere else. This picture is a substitute, taken at 15:33. The mountains reach into Albania. Some of their flanks are fully covered in sage. The smell is overwhelming!

Skadar view12:27

Lake Skadar distance10:24 – Lake Skadar in the distance. The lake is one of Europe’s most important breeding areas for birds. Being out of season, I counted a total of 2 birds while cycling along the south bank of the lake.


Star08:21 – Celebrating the birthday of a friend elsewhere.


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