23.9. Mostar – Gacko

19:42 and later – Taking pictures in and around Gacko is prohibited, because the place hosts a major power plant. It is a mining town with more sports betting places than pubs. The local regulars at the bar found my trip impressive enough to buy me lots of drinks. Food was more difficult to find.

bus stop17:39 – Bus stop

Valley of surprises15:36

more road13:33

Still the road11:30 – Still the same ‘road’

Habsburg roadNot 123: This ‘road’ looked fine on the map, but has not been in use since the Habsburgs lost their grip on the region. A local guided me through the thorns, thyme and pomegranates.


09:27 – Blagaj

Bad breakfast07:24 – A not so inspiring breakfast.


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